If you are interested in getting your company involved with promoting  the Sport of Professional Rodeo, contact Marci she will be happy to speak to you regarding a sponsorship package.





Marci... All I can say is "Thank You" a million times over!! I am glad you pushed me out of my comfort zone cause it has made me a better rider!! And thank you for bringing Babe into my life!!

Jamie & Babe



I had the opportunity to watch your clinic this past weekend at the Atlantic Horse Fair in Truro, Nova Scotia. It was fantastic! I cant wait till you come back next year! I learned so much! Thanks again!!



hey Marci just wanted to send congrats out to you for being able to hold a clinic at the Mane Event In Chilliwack! What a great opportunity for those people to learn from the "magician"! lol


Jody Brisebois

Hey Marci, Thanks For Bringing Lena to my life. You like Stacey mentioned a great role model and a great coach. Hard to believe that I have her, but I am excited and thanks for all you have done and will do to help us get the job done and chase a dream


Penny Davis

Just wanted to say thank you for your encouragement this weekend. That really goes a long ways knowing that you are willing to help where you can and with the change in bits. PS thanks to the coat holder and the coffee. Have a great day



Hey Marci! Website looks great and yes you already know but i am LOVING Jake to pieces! Thanks for all your help with everything from the horse to my riding! Your truly an amazing individual (rocky too!)



I saw you run some young horses at a jackpot the other day, and I just wanted to compliment on how you handle, and train them. You are a true professional! Keep up the great work!



Hi there, I saw you run at the recent ABRA finals, and I was so impressed with your riding, you are a hand! Congratulations!


Chelsea Hollar

Hey Marci,

I have heard nothing but good about your training. I would love some help


Christa Winsnes

Just how wanted to say how happy I am to have my awesome Fly home and how grateful I am for the work you did not just the training he looks awesome too!!!!!  Thanks and keep a spot open next winter for the next one.

Cheryl Nickolson

I just read your web page and congratulations on your accomplishments in the arena and at work.It brought a tear to my eye as you gave your Dad  the credit he deserved.

Donna Powell

Congratulations Marci! You are living your dreams, which has always been your statement since I have known you.

Vanessa Chalifoux

Well Well Well, if it isn't Marci Powell, the most AMAZING PERSON who has ever helped me with my horses. I would just like to say THANK YOU so much, your always there when i need to pick your brain or just get confidence again on something you have probably told me 100 times! Your a really great person, who i truely appreciate having in my life. You have done nothing but wonders for me!!! ..and Vida, and Chyna, and Jim-Shrimp. You are thee best!! and never forget it.


Great Website again Marci! Not only can you train a heck of a barrel horse, but you are talented on a computer too!


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