It was intended mainly for use on horses with collapsed nostrils or extra flesh over the false nostril that may block the airway. The Breathe E-Z also helps horses that close down and stop at the end of a mile due to the lack of oxygen. Some horses with no apparent breathing problems have shown less stress after training and racing in the Breathe E-Z.

3. Why it works - The Breathe E-Z spanning the nostril cavity acting as a bridge which holds open the nostril preventing the false nostril from collapsing into the nasal passage which blocks the air flow. The Breathe E-Z doesn’t block or restrict air flow; it allows the nostril to flair and contract normally.

4. Additional benefits of the Breathe E-Z - When first installed in a horse's nose it will cause them to blow repeatedly. This will loosen and dislodge dust and other particulates from the airways.

5. Also the design of the Breathe E-Z retaining clips act as a form of acupuncture which is applied to the pressure point in the nostril. This pressure may provide for easier handling of the strong headed horse.

6. Recommended by Veterinarians.

Breathe EZ

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